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One of the few “Old Time” optical companies still operating in the country today. We still do things the way founder Gerald Sturgeon was taught to do things in 1951 when he began. "Treat people the way you would want to be treated, rely on quality products and unprecedented customer service to give a true value to customers, invest in your employees and train them in all aspects of the craft, expect word of mouth advertisement to be your standard and always service what you sell."

The optical industry began to see changes in the 1970’s as ' baby boomers' began to require bifocal lenses. Wall Street and large, non-optical corporations realized this group of consumers would be spending vast amounts of money for eyewear and they quickly took advantage of the trend by opening optical stores. The end result was three fold. First, corporations that sold soap, shoes and food were now selling eyeglasses. One company even began measuring heads like you measure feet which quickly became a joke on late night television and fortunately, didn't last long. Next, we saw saturation. Similar to fast food chains, large optical chains began placing a store on every corner and in every mall across the country in an effort to capture majority market share.  They hired employees with no optical skills or formal training and the end result was poor service and quality.  The eyeglass consumer became nothing more than a sales goal.  Finally, they began spending a vast amount of adverting dollars, driving up the prices, and driving out so many small independent practitioners who could no longer afford to compete on big advertising campaigns and marketing.  Customer service and customer care was replaced with 'One Hour,'  'Two for One,' or 'Made in China' eyewear.

Sturgeons Optical still believes in doing it the old fashion way... 

Quality products and unprecedented customer care by skilled opticians.  

Contact us at 304-733-0101

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Your staff is the best we have ever had to make our glasses and test our eyes. We appreciate you so much.

Roger and Opal Bonecutter
Barboursville, WV

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