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One of the few “Old Time” optical companies still operating in the country today. We still do things the way the founder of the company was taught to do things in 1951. Treat people like people, rely on a quality product and real value to bring customers back, invest in your employees and train them in all aspects of the craft, expect word of mouth advertisement to be your standard and always service what you sell.

The big corporations started the invasion of the optical industry in earnest in the 1970’s when the first group of ' baby boomers' first started to require bifocal lenses. Wall Street knew this group of consumers would be spending vast amounts of cash for eyewear and they pounced. The end result was three fold. First you had corporations that sold soap, shoes and food now selling eyeglasses. There was even one company that started measuring heads like you measure feet. That didn’t last long because it became the joke on late night television. The next thing to happen was corporate saturation. Like fast food chains these big optical chains had to have a store on every corner on in every mall across the country to capture there market share and this required vast amounts of advertisement which cost a lot of money which drove up prices and also drove out almost all the independent practitioners that could not afford to market themselves, their names or their particular services like the big boys. Finally, the result was the eyeglass consumer became nothing more than a number on a corporate spread sheet and real customer care was thrown out with the independents. lt wasn’t the owner of the business selling you glasses, it was a corporate employee and the end result was poor service . Real customer care was replaced with ' one hour', ' two for one ', and China eyewear.

This company still believes in doing it the old fashion way.

lf you want real customer service contact us at 304-733-0101

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