Vintage Frames

CIVIL WAR ERA - We still have some original frames, neverworn and in packages and lots of pre-worn frames of this era.These are gold filled ovals and P-3 shapes yellow and white gold.We also have lots of parts for these type of frames.We fill prescriptions in these types of frames.

l92O'S - 195O'S - Usually referred to as cat eyes andcombination type frames we stock both new and used and alsosupply and service many parts for these collectables. The metalframes from this era were mostly gold filled both white andyellow and many combined metal with plastic parts.

l97O'S - 198O'S - Large eye sizes marked this era withbrand names like Optyl and Safilo and large aviator metal frameswere the style. We have a selection of both new and used inthese styles with a lot of new Optyl frames in perfect condition.We can put prescriptions in these frames or in similar frames ofyour own and also have the experience, parts and facilities torepair this type of eyewear.

If you have found an old frame from these eras at a rummage sale, auction, or estate sale and would like it reconditioned and your prescription in them contact us at 304-733-0101

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