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3540 Rt 60 East Barboursville, WV 25504

No one can deny' that the sunglass market has exploded in the last decade and this Optical Company is on the cutting edge. We have all the newest technologies and the experience to make them fit you.

Wrap frame technology is the newest innovation. Computer programs now can message prescriptions to accommodate the wrap curvature of modern sunglass frames to eliminate the fish bowl effect that would distort the image in these glasses in the past.

Specialty tints now offer greater contrast and clarity to outdoor activities. Polarized lenses are now available in many colors and shades to fit many applications and these lenses are increasingly available in more bifocal styles.

“We have the ability to order any lens and frame design and the knowledge to aid you into the perfect choices for your specific needs ". Choices are many and someone who can explain these choices to you could save you lots of headaches and money. Let us help you walk through the maze of information out there so you can make a well informed choice for your particular needs.