Sport Glasses

What a difference a decade or two can make. Perhaps no change has been as dramatic as that seen in the sport glasses industry.

From biking, skiing to fishing and hunting. From football, basketball to tennis and racquetball. From swimming and other underwater activities to mountain climbing and everything-in between there are now frames and lenses designed specifically to meet your personal needs.

Did you know that a special lens can be fabricated to allow a bifocal wearing golfer see their scorecard and yet not have the bifocal interfere with their driving and putting?

Did you know that a computer program has been developed that transposes your prescription for certain wrap frames that eliminates the distortion and fishbowl effect that made these type glasses unusable only a few years ago ?

Did you know that certain tints can help you contrast identify a baseball against a light blue sky?

What about wearing no-line bifocals when playing tennis or racquetball? Ever try that? Ever wonder if all that peripheral blur could be eliminated?

Would you like to be able to see the basket go through the net without your goggles being fogged up?

lf you have questions we have answers.

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