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There is no optical outlet in the tri-state area featuring more styles of safety frames.

"We service most of the areas industries with safety glasses, and offer the general public the same great values in this type of eyewear”.

The prices on safety wear is far below the standard cost of comparable materials and the markup is almost nothing as a retailer but most folks will invest the savings into additional pairs and eventually the payoff comes in security and customer appreciation and people will tell their friends and co workers about it . You can not beat this type of advertisement. Satisfaction is the best way to obtain existing business and grow new business.

Do you have questions about the particular industry you work in for with regards to the safety products they provide for you or require you to purchase?

Did you know that industrial safety glasses were now available in rimless styles and even drill mount frames?

Were you aware that there are specific lens designs for certain occupations like electricians, mechanics , plumbers and carpenters that will make their task easier ?

ls there a lens designed specifically for you?

lf you have questions contact us at 304-733-0101

Exclusive Offer

THIS ---->https://sturgeonsopticalwv.imatrixbase.com/products/safety-glasses.html

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Your staff is the best we have ever had to make our glasses and test our eyes. We appreciate you so much.

Roger and Opal Bonecutter
Barboursville, WV

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