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From the newest' technologies in lens and frame designs to real authentic retro frames from the 194O’s through the 197O's if it can be made , these folks can do it . Whether it be the founder of the company who even in his 8O's is still vibrant of mind and spirit or his sons that started in the industry in the 197O's or the grandsons that are now involved in the business there is a wealth of experience and energy to meet your needs.

No corporate bosses to please, no ties to specific labs or lens manufactures means choices are yours. No one will try and steer you to a particular product because they have an affiliation with a particular company. I We are independent and can buy from anyone.

Go Internet shop for your frames. Write down the information and we can order it for you or purchase the frames and bring them to us or mail them to us and we’ll put your prescription in them.Make sure they are Rxable.

Old style service truly meets the modern world at Sturgeon’s Optical, lf you have questions, they will have the answers.

Exclusive Offer

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Your staff is the best we have ever had to make our glasses and test our eyes. We appreciate you so much.

Roger and Opal Bonecutter
Barboursville, WV

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