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3540 Rt 60 East Barboursville, WV 25504

What do we offer our customers that other suppliers don’t?

Why has our contact lens customer base exploded in growth in this last decade?

We think the answer is simple and it’s not cheep prices, or prices are very competitive in most manufactures brands and designs but the answer to our success is two things,

KNOWLEDGE - We have extremely qualified personal that stay current on new technologies and trends and are always ready to answer your questions and concerns about new products or contact related problems. We aren’t a clearinghouse of non concerned order takers and we do have qualified licensed

Optical Doctors and Opticians on staff to help if you need it.

CONVINCE, CONVINCE, CONVINCE- Whether you are local and can simply stop in our offices and pick up your order or need your product mailed or drop shipped to you we offer fast turn around and easy ordering .

Bifocal contacts
Mono fits